Transportation Options

To get to the trailhead on the day of your big adventure, there are a number of choices: Getting dropped off by a friend / family member or driver, the shuttle, or parking your rental car in the lot overnight.

All of these options have pros and cons. For those looking for a transportation service/driver, here are some good options:


Kevin is well-known for helping Kalalau hikers and he provides “complete hiking support services“, including bag storage, stove fuel, and other individualized services that people might need, especially before they get to the island. His philosophy is that no one should have to worry about anything before getting on that trail, except the trail itself. That way, hikers can focus on their adventure and not where they are going to get a lighter the morning of the hike.

Contact info: 973-769-8854, [email protected]

Aloha Kauai Northside Taxi

Cita's Aloha Kauai Northside Taxi does drop-offs and pick-ups. They are located in Princeville but operate island-wide and can get you on the trail earlier than the shuttle.

Contact info: 808-212-7581

Sonja and Andy Environmentally-Friendly Rides

What sets Sonja and Andy apart is that no fossil fuels are burned on the way to the trailhead. Their car is powered by 99% solar electricity, has a cobalt-free battery, and an efficiency of 170 miles per gallon-equivalent. They have lived on Kauai for 20 years, have been to Kalalau, and can also store luggage and go shopping the day before. 

Contact info: 808-652-0591

Disclaimer: Please do your own homework on transportation providers. We cannot vouch for these folks' safety, licensing, or insurance.