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Hiking Kauai's Famous Kalalau Trail

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Tent or Hammock?

Sep 27, 2021

Why You Should Consider Taking On The Kalalau Trail Solo

Sep 02, 2021

11 Mistakes to avoid when hiking the Kalalau Trail

Aug 09, 2021

There's one item you'll want to bring that nobody is talking about...! 📦❓

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A lifelong adventurer and outdoor enthusiast, René fell in love with Kauai and the Kalalau Trail many years before finally taking on the whole trail for the first time.
Ever since Kalalau holds a special place in his heart.
René is now passionate about sharing this incredible experience with others.


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Hiking the Kalalau Trail and camping at the beach has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life.


René Rosendahl