The Hiking Kalalau Video Course

Learn all you need to know to plan and successfully complete
the famous Kalalau Trail in Kauai.

Is the Kalalau Trail on your Bucket List?

We get it - lots of people think about it after seeing the pictures, but what does it really take? 
This trail is an amazing adventure and now you can get all the info you need to make this once-in-a-lifetime adventure come true with the help of this new video course!


Find out how to plan your hike, transportation, etc.


Know what to bring - and what to leave at home.


Learn how to train and prepare for the hike.

What to expect

Know what to expect on the trail and in camp.

... plus get the chance to talk to a Kalalau expert one on one!

We are excited to share our knowledge and offer this course! 

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Larry L:

"I heartily recommend René's website and informational video course “Hiking Kalalau". As many of you know, planning a challenging adventure requires accurate information from experienced folks who have first-hand knowledge of their subject. René's expert advice on Kalalau will save you hours of time rooting about on questionable websites and give you invaluable insights and recommendations on logistics and gear. I was about ready to give up on doing the Kalalau trek until I hit upon “Hiking Kalalau". Armed with his information, I was able to secure a trail permit and develop a roadmap for a successful backpacking adventure. 5 stars out of 5!"