To successfully hike this trail and also have fun in the  process, you'll need the right gear. Without it, you could end up miserable or even in trouble.

While many prefer to own their gear outright, there are options to rent gear on site. Here are the main ones:

Rental & More: Kayak Kaua'i

These guys not only organize kayak and hiking tours, they also provide all kinds of rental gear, including tents, backpacks, sleeping bags + pads, stoves, and hiking poles. They can also supply you with food and fuel for your stove and even store your luggage and car. They are located in Kapa'a. 

Contact info: www.kayakkauai.com888-596-3853, 808-826-9844 

My Favorite Gear

Here are some of the gear items I really like which have made life on the trail and in camp easier and more enjoyable:

Steripen Adventurer

This UV light is effective at eliminating harmful microorganisms including leptospira. It has long-lasting batteries and even works in slightly cloudy water.


Grayl Geopress

While a little heavy, the Geopress is super easy to use and very practical. No pumping - just use your body weight to filter. 


Hennessy Hammock

A well thought-out hammock with low weight and - with a little practice - easy and quick to set up.


Osprey Atmos AG 65

While not the lightest pack on the market, the Atmos has lots of great storage options and "hugs" your body without compromising breathability.


Sea to Summit Spark ultralight "liner"

Technically this is a "liner", but it's really a sleeping bag for warmer temperatures. Packs super small and is super light. Great for cooler nights where the traditional bag liners reach their limits.


MSR Pocket Rocket 2

Super light and compact stove. Can be stored in the TOAKS cup. 


Garmin InReach Mini 2

This is simply THE go-to satellite communication and navigation device. I would not go without it. The second iteration of this unit has a lot of improvements including incredible battery life.


TOAKS titanium 550 ml pot

Lighter than aluminum and comes with a lid which is great for keeping stuff falling from trees out of your water. Comes in a nice net for storage. Fits the MSR Pocket Rocket stove.


Greenbelly Meals

These bars are not the traditional bars; they're full meal replacements and keep you full. One package = 1/3 of your daily nutrients and calories. Super practical.


Casio ProTrek watch

This watch has all you need including barometer, altimeter, compass, sunrise/sunset times and uses solar to charge, so you never have to worry about the battery.


MPOWERD Luci light (solar)

Inflatable light, great for camp with good battery and solar, so you never run out of juice.


Anker 20,000mAh portable charger

I've run out of power for my electronics before with a 10,000 mAh battery. That won't happen again thanks to this powerful battery pack which keeps everything powered!


Benchmade Bugout knife

There are many knives out there. This one stands out due to its low weight and high quality. I also appreciate that part of the blade is serrated.


Keen Clearwater CNX sandals

Super light water sandals for crossing streams and hiking up the valley. 


Xero shoes Cloud sandals

I really liked these sandals for walking around in camp and on the beach which can really heat up and burn the soles of your feet. 


Fun Stuff

22.0 miles sticker

A fun way to celebrate finishing the full Kalalau Trail with a sticker for your car.


Shadows of Kalalau

A recent thriller (fiction) by Doug Walsh related to Kalalau. 


Love and Magic in Neverland

Michael Devloo's novel about escaping to Kalalau. "Young Mano breaks away from society to live in harmony with nature on a remote imperfect beach paradise he calls Neverland." 


Dramas of Kalalau

An older collection of interesting stories related to Kalalau. This book gives you a sense of characters and life in the Kalalau valley. 


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